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I appreciate all the insight! My logic for the taller sidewall up front was a more forgiving ride (I daily drive it) and a more gradual failure at limit, but I haven't pushed the car much (only had it through the winter, mountain roads aren't open around me yet) so having insight from someone who has is super useful!

I definitely appreciate the wider front for helping with under steer, although wouldn't running a wider rear counteract that some? Wider rears would be good given I have the V10 with a tune, exhaust, and intakes. I haven't noticed traction issues, but again, haven't been able to push the car much given the weather and winter tires.

Is there a reason for a 9 up front instead of a 8.5 if running a 255? I like a fatter tire look as opposed to stretched, and having a 255 on an 8.5 on my other car makes it easy to visualize.

EDIT: Logically, the 255 on an 8.5 is going to be bulging a bit, so probably sloppier, and if you're already saying it's too soft for you up front, that wont help.
Yes a 9x20 give you a wider track, closing the wheel arch nicely without going too low front and not influencing the rolling radius at the same time. Additionally front you need a little strech, so it clears the wheel arch with a 255 30 20. Its super tight and limit. If you go 19" and 20" mixed use the 255 35 19 and 305 30 20 (11x20) or 325 25 20 (12x20) rear.

Sure if you go wider at rear it counteracts it a bit, but if you go 8.5 and 12 back thats even worse. Your decsion here is simple,
a) do you wanna have max Grip and cure understeer 9" and 12" with 255 30 20 front and 325 25 20 rear, front max chamber out and rear adjust it to -1 degree.
the -1 degree in the back improves grip while soften the rear axle a bit in the curve, the -1.3-1.5 chamber front helps to cure the understeer and strenghting the front axle in a curve.
b)if you wanna have max agility and compromise a bit on rear grip (or enjoy drifting) then 8.5" or 9" with a 11 rear, 245 30/305 25 20 or 255 30/305 30 20.
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