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I've owned my 2012 R8 GT since August. Because sound is one of the most important factors for me, my very first mod (about 2 weeks after purchase) was an Avior Performance (@AviorPerformance on Instagram) Stainless Steel non-resonated exhaust.

Since doing this, I've became curious about weight savings. The US-spec R8 GT weighs in at 3,538lbs, which is certainly no featherweight, but with some tasteful and functional modifications, can easily become a totally new car after dropping some weight.

So, I bought a scale and weighed the OEM exhaust. It weighed in at 68 lbs (picture at bottom).

The Avior Performance Stainless Steel exhaust comes in at 17lbs. So, 3,538-68+17 = 3,487 lbs

Wow! Already in the 3,400 range with just an exhaust upgrade. So this got me thinking - what else can I do to save weight, without compromising driveability or comfort?

RWD Conversion.

Supposedly, this saves at least 105 lbs, maybe more. So, I bought Shardul's (UltimatePD) RWD Conversion kit. It is being installed this weekend (among some other maintenance items) and will have the car back within 1-2 weeks, tops. The conversion removes 3 heavy things: the front differential, 2 front axles, and the driveshaft running down the center tunnel. Not to mention that these are rotating parts of the car, and when removed, equate to not just weight savings, but rotational weight savings (unsprung mass), which makes power to the ground more felt.

When done, I will weigh the front diff, front axles, and driveshaft for you guys to get an EXACT figure. The plugs that go into the rear differential weigh 5lbs.

So, if the 105lbs savings is true, then that would mean 3,497-105+5 = 3,397 lbs

Now that I've sucked you in, you may be wondering: "Hmm, what else could he do to shed weight even further?"

Well, I have at least 2 very significant (but again, driveable and comfortable) 100% reversible modifications to make, but I'll save those for my next update to this thread :)

In the meantime, what have you all done to save weight? Anything unusual? If you have any questions about my exhaust setup, RWD conversion, or my car in general, do let me know, I would love to chat!


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I love this thread and weight loss journey!

Seats will save you a TON
Lithium ion battery will save you 20lb or so from GT
Remove the CD stacker
Change rims
Change to ceramic brakes or Girodiscs

Beyond that it’ll get tougher to drop weight, front trunk lining, swapping to lighter weight carpet and screws, and diet hehe.

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Interesting thread. Good luck with your weight loss tobefrank. :)
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At the moment I can't because the parts list is at work and I am sick at home.
This can take some time with the illness.

The aluminum screws are VW / Audi parts and quite inexpensive.

Addendum, here the part number

N.911.687.01 ( Many are needed here 300+ )
WHT.006.148 ( this for the field of vision in the wheel house where you look )
Titan screws are not available from Audi dealers.


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Finally got around to weighing the RWD conversion change.

Here are the official weights of an R8 V10 front diff, front axles, driveshaft, and all the necessary bolts and pieces. Photos below!

Front Differential: 50lbs
Front Axles: 20lbs
Driveshaft: 20lbs
Bolts/hardware: 5lbs

TOTAL RWD Conversion weight dropped: 95lbs

With this in mind, the total weight saved by removing the 68lb OEM R8 Exhaust and 95lb front drive components = 163lbs

Now, my aftermarket exhaust is 17lbs and the RWD Conversion kit is 5lbs, so the NET WEIGHT SAVED so far is 163-22 = 141lbs. This should put my R8 GT at an approximate realistic weight of 3,397 lbs.

Hope anyone considering a RWD conversion / weight savings finds this information helpful. Happy to answer any questions about the Conversion, but in short, it’s totally worth it.

I will be contemplating doing additional weight saving measures (seats, wheels, etc) in the future, but for now I’m still enjoying the car in it’s current setup!

Will update this thread of any additional mods I make to my GT. All weight saving mods will be of course 100% reversible, which is the beauty of the mods I’ve done above :)




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