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Hey guys, long story short i bought these OEM carbon fiber housings to put on my 2009 1st gen. It wasn't until i held them side by side that i realized they're totally different sizes. So im selling these at a loss just to get rid of them. They are used, and they do have minor rock chipping/pitting in the clear, but im sure reclearing them would make them look perfect. Im selling just the housings, no internals or lights (light can be transferred from your existing mirrors). Ideally, these are perfect for anyone with a 2014-2015 model with painted mirrors. As you can put those internals in these housings, without needing to purchase anything extra. I would have had to purchase all new internals to make these work and Id rather just buy a set for a 2009.

Im asking $1200+shipping AS IS. I paid close to 1500 for them, not saying they're worth that, but for OEM parts, I felt like that was a good deal.

Im located in Forest Hill MD 21050 and can ship at your expense. I cant imagine shipping costing more than $40.



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