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The seventh installment of the popular Fast and Furious franchise just hit theaters this weekend.In total,340 different cars were used during filming.We wish we could report that none of these cars were harmed in the making of the film,but that simply isn’t the case.In fact,230 of the 340 cars used were damaged to some degree with many of them being completely totaled.
The seventh film in the series was the fastest and most furious yet.Cars parachuted out of planes,were involved in head-on collisions,drove off of cliffs,and jumped from skyscraper to skyscraper.In a movie that intense,you’d expect more of the scenes to make use of computer animation.To make the action seem more real however,director James Wan opted to use as little studio magic as possible.Just 10% of the film’s action scenes were computer generated (the jumping between skyscrapers was probably one of those).The other 90% were filmed with real cars and involved real damage and cost a lot of money.

Modified cars

To save as much money as possible,the studio hired Dennis McCarthy,the same man who worked on the cars for previous Fast and Furious films,to modify the cars that would be used in the filming.Though each of the cars look different on the outside,they’re virtually the same underneath.All of them have a 500 horsepower fuel injection unit and a 3-speed manual transmission.By making all of the cars the same,they minimized the number of spare parts needed and made it easier to choreograph intense scenes since each car handled pretty much the same.

The Lykan Hypersport

For a film franchise which has featured Lamborghinis,Ferraris,and Bugattis,to name just a few, you might be wondering how any one car could stand out.But Furious 7 featured the franchise’s most expensive car yet, W Motor’s Lykan Hypersport.The car is actually the third most expensive car ever made costing about 3.4 million.Only seven have ever been made.Car enthusiasts will be relieved to know that the one totaled in the movie was only a replica made with much cheaper parts.The guts were the same used in all of the other cars. They used a chassis from a Porsche Boxster and then made a mold of the real Lykan Hypersport using fiberglass instead of carbon fiber to make the car’s body.
If you see the movie,remember not to try any of the stunts yourself.It will probably result in serious injury and a higher insurance rate.For affordable insurance quotes call (855) 743-2788.

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