OEM Clutch + Flywheel + Bearing - Special offer - only 1 available
V10 version - will also fit V8

Our clutch is 100% OEM and comes in the OEM packaging - not the Valeo generic!

Opening up the gearbox is a 15 hour job. Given the age of most cars we would also recommend mating the new V10 clutch to a brand new flywheel.

The V10 clutch is plenty strong and plenty of supercharged customers happily use the OEM clutch. We always also recommend replacing the release bearing while the gearbox is open.

Here is what is included with RETAIL prices:
1. Clutch: $2,922.86
2. Release Bearing: $1,504.29
3. Clutch Bolts x9: $90.00 - you need these as well
4. O-rings x3: $52.00
5. Flywheel: $1,762.86

Total retail $6,332.01 + tax + shipping
Our price is only $4,199 shipped - FOR MANUAL

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