For sale Gen 2 Carbon Fiber full engine bay set - Genuine OEM Audi Parts

Absolutely perfect, as new condition:
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Fits pre-facelift cars (2015-2019)
2020+ cars (facelifted) have a different airbox covers - you may still be able to source those cheaply from someone who installed a Twin Turbo setup

Retail prices are as follows:

Rear firewall USD 1,970.00
Side panel, left USD 2,360.00
Side panel, right USD 2,360.00
Engine crown, USD 1,227.69
Airbox cover, left USD 2,077.14
Airbox cover, right USD 2,077.14

Total retail is USD 11,836.26 + tax + shipping

Selling for $4800 + $380 shipping.

Gloss carbon fibre.

Parts will ship from Poland.
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