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Looking for a super-squared, contact-patch focussed setup.

After spending hours searching the web, calculating multiple options etc I've come to the following setup which is theoretically perfect for me:

9x19 fronts - 265/35/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2's.
12x19 rears - 345/30/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2's.

This gives a 3.12% F/R diameter ratio, some seriously chunky sidewall, and maximum contact patch.

Only thing is, can this setup fit a stock-bodied R8 Gen1 with GT coilovers? Does anyone have any experience of running 265's and 345's on a Gen1?

I gather this is pretty much the maximum width tyre you can get on a Gen1 which means the offsets needs to be perfect; not too high in order to clear suspension elements, but also not too low in order to clear the fenders.

So with my research I believe ET44 on the front and ET54 on the rear is the sweetspot.

If anyone can offer any advice or assurance it would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts