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GT owners where are you?

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Just as the title says, I thought it would be interesting to see how many GT's we can locate on this forum.
This includes the Spyder as well.
Pictures are always welcome!

I can get things started.

Virginia, USA
Purchased new December 2012
4,600 miles
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Carbon interior trim
Carbon engine bay trim

Yes, I know my GT emblem is in the wrong place. The clear bra guy reattached them without marking the original position. It's been like that for two years now and getting lazy to place them in the correct location.


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I just picked up #307, samoa orange coupe with only 2k miles on the clock. It's like a brand new car! I also own #136 in daytona gray.

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Grille Car
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Cloud
Car Sky Vehicle Grille Hood
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Cloud Sky
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Which one gets the manual transmission?
Hello , My name is Ramon. I'm from the Netherlands. I made a list with all existing VIN numbers from the R8 GT SPYDERS. These are build for customers. They build 16 for Press. Those have a complete different VIN Number. If someone has more info about #038,136,141,170,171,180,183,200,205,282 please see my website or sent me a mail [email protected]

VINColor codeColorColCountrySteeringMilagePlate1 owner2 owner
WUAZZZ424CN910001X7NSuzuka Grau MatteBelgiumLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910002Z9YPhantom BlackAustriaLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910003Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910004X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910005Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910006Y5FSphere Blue MatteFranceLhdCD-330-PE
WUAZZZ425CN910007X7NSuzuka Grau MatteEnglandRhd
WUAZZZ427CN910008Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910009Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910010Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910011Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910012X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910013Z3MMisano Red PearlCanadaLhd
WUA8NAFG0CN910014Y9BBrilliant BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ424CN910015Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910016X7NSuzuka Grau MatteFranceLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910017Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910018Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicSwedenLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910019Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ428CN910020Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910021Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910022Z9YPhantom BlackJapanLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910023X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910024X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910025Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910026Y5FSphere Blue MatteSwedenLhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910027Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG0CN910028Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910029Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910030Z9YPhantom BlackCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910031Y5FSphere Blue MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910032X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910033Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910034Y3JBriljant RedUSALhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910035Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhdUUM 8927Virginia
WUAZZZ421CN910036X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910037X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUA8NAFGCN910039Y3JBriljant RedCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910040X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910041Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910042X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910043Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910044Z9YPhantom BlackSuisseLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910045Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910046X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910047Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910048Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910049Z7XNimbus Gray PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910050Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910051Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910052X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdTR-TK 8Barry
WUAZZZ421CN910053Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910054Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhdGT-903-V
WUA8NAFG3CN910055Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ427CN910056Z9YPhantom BlackSwedenLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910057Z7KGlacier Blue MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910058Y5FSphere Blue MatteJapanLhd
WUA8NAFG0CN910059Z9YPhantom BlackCanadaLhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910060X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ420CN910061Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicSwedenLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910062Y5FSphere Blue MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910063Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910064Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910066Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910067Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ425CN910069Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910070Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhdEK12 BZC
WUA8NAFG1CN910071Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG3CN910072Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG5CN910073X7NSuzuka Grau MatteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910074X7NSuzuka Grau MatteSouth KoreaLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910075Z9YPhantom BlackSouth KoreaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910076Z9YPhantom BlackSouth KoreaLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910077X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910078Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicUSALhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910079Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ424CN910080Y5FSphere Blue MatteNew ZealandRhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910081X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ428CN910082X7NSuzuka Grau MatteSouth KoreaLhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910083X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910084Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ423CN910085X7NSuzuka Grau MatteSouth KoreaLhd
WUA8NAFG3CN910086Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG5CN910087Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910088Z7WAviator Gray PearlUSALhdPfeilgrau
WUAZZZ420CN910089Y5FSphere Blue MatteSouth-KoreaLhd
WUA8NAFG5CN910090X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ429CN910091Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ420CN910092Y9CIbis WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ422CN910093X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdB-GT8001
WUAZZZ424CN910094X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdKA-QO888T.Kunz
WUA8NAFG4CN910095X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ428CN910096Y9CIbis WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhdV10 SNT
WUAZZZ42XCN910097X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910098Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910099Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910100Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhdS-GT6789
WUAZZZ428CN910101Y5FSphere Blue MatteSingaporeRhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910102X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ421CN910103Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910104X7NSuzuka Grau MatteSouth-AfricaRhd
WUA8NAFG3CN910105X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG5CN910106Z3MMisano Red PearlUSALhd7WTP380California
WUA8NAFG7CN910107Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicUSALhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910108Z9YPhantom BlackCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910109Z7XNimbus Gray PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910110X7TPrism Silver CrystalGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910111X7NSuzuka Grau MatteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910112Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910113Z3MMisano Red PearlSuisseLhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910114S9RGlacier WhiteCanadaLhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910115Y5FSphere Blue MatteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910116Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ421CN910117Y9CIbis WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ423CN910118X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdRT-GT118
WUAZZZ425CN910119X7WIce Silver MetallicSouth-AfricaRhd
WUAZZZ421CN910120Y9CIbis WhiteSouth-AfricaRhd
WUAZZZ423CN910121Y5FSphere Blue MatteRuslandLhd
WUA8NAFG3CN910122S9RGlacier WhiteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910123Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910124Y5FSphere Blue MatteRuslandLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910125Z9YPhantom BlackRussiaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910126X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910127X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910128Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhdCLC-0075
WUAZZZ428CN910129X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910130X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ426CN910131S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910132X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910133Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910134Y5FSphere Blue MatteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910135Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd4802 KXJ
WUA8NAFG5CN910137S9RGlacier WhiteCanadaLhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910138X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ420CN910139Z3NRuby Red PearlSuisseLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910140Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910142S9RGlacier WhiteFranceLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910143Y9BBrilliant BlackGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910144Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ426CN910145X7WIce Silver MetallicGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910146Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910147Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910148Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG1CN910149Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910150Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd23.817
WUAZZZ421CN910151S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd40.000MY-GT560Volker
WUAZZZ423CN910152S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ425CN910153S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910154S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910155X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910156X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ422CN910157X7WIce Silver MetallicChiliLhdFT PP-86
WUA8NAFG2CN910158S9RGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910159Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ422CN910160Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicChiliLhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910161X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910162S9RGlacier WhiteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910163Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhdR8 XDT
WUAZZZ42XCN910164S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910165X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910166X2USamoa Orange MetallicGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ425CN910167X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhdC707YC
WUA8NAFG5CN910168S9RGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ429CN910169Z9YPhantom BlackRussiaLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910173X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdGT-001-F
WUA8NAFG0CN910174S9RGlacier WhiteCanadaLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910175S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhdWOB-GT560
WUAZZZ426CN910176Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicChiliLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910177X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910178Y7FSuzuka Grau MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910179S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910181S9RGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ421CN910182X7NSuzuka Grau MatteLuxembourgLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910184Y5FSphere Blue MatteChinaRhd
WUAZZZ427CN910185S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910186Y9CIbis WhiteSouth-AfricaRhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910187Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG0CN910188S9RGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG2CN910189SGRGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ420CN910190Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG0CN910191S9RGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ424CN910192X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910193Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910194SGRGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910195Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910196Z7QOyster Grey MetallicGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG1CN910197Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ425CN910198S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ427CN910199Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ421CN910201X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910202Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicFranceLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910203Y5FSphere Blue MatteGermanyLhdKA-VR888V.BroyT.Kunz
WUAZZZ427CN910204Y5FSphere Blue MatteRussiaLhd8937PH-7
WUAZZZ420CN910206XXXSort of WhiteItalyLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910207X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910208Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910209S9RGlacier WhiteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910210X7WIce Silver MetallicGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910211Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ426CN910212Y5FSphere Blue MatteSuisseLhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910213X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910214X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910215X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG1CN910216X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ425CN910217Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicSingaporeRhd
WUAZZZ427CN910218Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910219X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910220S9RGlacier WhiteAustraliaRhdBWX 913
WUAZZZ429CN910222Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ420CN910223Z9YPhantom BlackGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910224S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910225Z9YPhantom BlackNetherlandsLhd55-ZSF-5
WUA8NAFG4CN910226Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ428CN910227S9RGlacier WhiteLuxembourgLhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910228Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd8-ZRZ-28
WUAZZZ421CN910229X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910230Y2GGlut OrangeFranceLhdCH-006-XZ
WUAZZZ42XCN910231Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandLhd42.000AS-GT560
WUAZZZ421CN910232Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910233Y5FSphere Blue MatteNetherlandsLhd6-KBF-92
WUAZZZ425CN910234Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910235X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910236Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910237Z3WMerlin PurpleGB / N-IrlandRhdV10 MHJ
WUA8NAFG0CN910238SGRGlacier WhiteUSALhd
WUAZZZ424CN910239Y5FSphere Blue MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910240X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ422CN910241X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910242Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhdMO-GT242
WUAZZZ426CN910243Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910244Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ42XCN910245X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ421CN910246Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG1CN910247X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ425CN910248S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ427CN910249Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhdR80 GTT
WUAZZZ423CN910250X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhdkm 28200Mayen
WUAZZZ425CN910251X7NSuzuka Grau MatteChiliLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910252Z9YPhantom BlackGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ429CN910253Y9CIbis WhiteSouth-AfricaRhd
WUAZZZ420CN910254Y5FSphere Blue MatteGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ422CN910255Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUAZZZ424CN910256Y3JBriljant RedSouth-AfricaRhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910257X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ428CN910258Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910259X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUAZZZ426CN910260Y5FSphere Blue MatteSouth-KoreaLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910261S9RGlacier WhiteGB / N-IrlandRhdR8 LYK
WUA8NAFG8CN910262X7NSuzuka Grau MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFGXCN910263Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ423CN910264Y5FSphere Blue MatteRussiaLhd
WUAZZZ425CN910265Z3MMisano Red PearlGermanyLhd
WUA8NAFG5CN910266Y5FSphere Blue MatteUSALhd
WUA8NAFG7CN910267Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910268Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ422CN910269X7NSuzuka Grau MatteRussiaLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910270Z9YPhantom BlackChinaRhd
WUA8NAFG9CN910271Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ422CN910272X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910273Z9YPhantom BlackSuisseLhd
WUA8NAFG4CN910274Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910275Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUA8NAFG8CN910276Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ421CN910277Z9YPhantom BlackRussiaLhd
WUAZZZ423CN910278XXXGB / N-IrlandRhd
WUA8NAFG3CN910279Z9YPhantom BlackUSALhd
WUAZZZ421CN910280X7NSuzuka Grau MatteJapanLhd
WUAZZZ427CN910283Z9YPhantom BlackFranceLhd
WUAZZZ429CN910284Y5FSphere Blue MatteChiliLhd
WUAZZZ420CN910285Y5FSphere Blue MattePanamaLhd
WUAZZZ422CN910286S9RGlacier WhiteBelgiumLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910287X7NSuzuka Grau MatteGermanyLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910288Z9YPhantom BlackSouth KoreaLhd
WUAZZZ428CN910289Z9YPhantom BlackJapanLhd
WUAZZZ424CN910290X7NSuzuka Grau MattePolandLhd
WUAZZZ426CN910291Y9CIbis WhiteSouth-AfricaRhd
WUA8NAFG6CN910292Z7SDaytona Gray MetallicUSALhd
Why only spyders?
I did only the spyders because i believed that there were never built 333 pieces..... and i am right !
I believe that’s the case for coupes as well. What database did you use to source the vins?
I used my own Brain in combination with E.T.K.A. There is no database. I made it :)
Your own brain huh, can you do a version for coupes? The real mvp
Gen 1 Audi R8 GT list
New cars added in bold

# Color Body Country Comment
#000 White Coupe DE
#001 White Spyder DE / Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#003 Sphere Blue Spyder DE
#004 Suzuka Grey Coupe NL
#005 Black Spyder DE
#006 Matte Sphere Blue Spyder France
#007 Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder UK
#011 Misano Red Spyder US
#012 Suzuka Spyder US
#014 Black Spyder US
#015 Black Coupe NZ
#017 Black Coupe UK (Classba)
#019 Black Spyder UK
#023 White Spyder DE
#025 Blue Spyder DE / White Coupe DE
#026 White Coupe DE
#029 Black Spyder US
#030 Matte Suzuka Grey France
#031 White Coupe Japan
#032 Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder Japan
#033 Satin Sphere Blue Coupe UK
#034 Red Coupe US / Red spyder
#035 White Coupe Malaysia (Ex-UK) / Black Spyder US
#037 Matte White Coupe DE
#038 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe Brazil
#039 Red Spyder Canada
#043 Black Coupe AU
#045 White Spyder DE
#046 White Spyder DE
#047 White Coupe UK
#054 Suzuka Grey Coupe DE / Black Spyder NL
#055 Black Spyder US
#056 Black Spyder Sweden
#057 Blue Spyder DE
#059 Black Coupe DE / Phantom Black Spyder Canada
#060 Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder US (Ross)
#061 British Racing Green Coupe UK
#064 Blue Spyder DE
#066 Samoa Orange Coupe France / Blue Spyder US
#067 Blue Spyder US
#068 Black Spyder US
#069 White Spyder AU / Black coupe AU
#070 Phantom Black Spyder UK
#071 Graphite Grey Coupe UK
#072 Matte Sphere Blue Spyder US
#074 Daytona Grey Coupe UK
#075 White Coupe DE
#076 Orange Coupe Singapore
#078 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe UK / Daytona Grey Spyder US
#080 Matte Sphere Blue Spyder NZ
#081 Black Coupe AU
#082 Metallic Ice Silver Coupe UK (gtr_jonathan) / White Spyder South Korea
#083 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#085 Metallic Blue (wrap) Coupe South Africa / White Spyder Korea
#086 White Coupe US
#088 Daytona Grey Coupe US
#089 Orange coupe Brazil / Matte Sphere Blue Spyder South Korea
#090 Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder US (FDNewbie)
#091 Suzuka Grey Coupe France / Phantom Black Spyder UK
#092 Phantom Black Coupe Australia / White Spyder UK
#096 White Spyder UK
#100 Daytona Grey Coupe US
#101 Matte Sphere Blue Spyder Singapore
#102 White Spyder US / Silver Coupe CA
#104 Samoa Orange Coupe CA
#105 Grey Coupe Luxembourg
#106 Red Spyder US (Ex Bobby Rahal car)
#107 Matte White Coupe Norway (ex UAE registered)
#108 White Coupe US (ARTNNYC) / Black Spyder CA
#109 Grey Coupe DE
#114 Black Coupe UK
#116 Black Spyder UK / Samoa Orange Coupe UK
#118 Samoa Orange Coupe Malaysia
#119 White Coupe DE / Suzuka Grey Spyder South Africa
#122 Black Coupe CA
#124 Orange Coupe US
#125 Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#126 White Spyder RU
#128 silver coupe CA / Black Spyder CA
#130 Suzuka Spyder US / White Coupe Saudi Arabia
#131 Black Coupe Switzerland / White Spyder UK
#133 White Coupe MY
#135 Red Spyder Spain
#136 Daytona Grey Coupe US
#137 Ibis White Coupe US (desperado)
#138 Matte Suzuka Grey UK / White Spyder UK
#139 Orange Coupe US
#140 Black Spyder DE
#141 White Spyder US (holmesatx)
#142 White Spyder FR
#143 Black Spyder DE / Suzuka Grey Coupe DE
#144 Black Spyder US
#145 Samoa Orange Coupe US
#146 Black Spyder US
#147 Black Spyder US
#148 Black Spyder
#150 Black Spyder US
#151 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe US / White Spyder DE
#153 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe NL / White Spyder DE
#154 Black Coupe Italy
#155 White Spyder US
#156 Daytona Grey Coupe France / Suzuka Grey Spyder US (Gr8dane)
#157 Metallic Ice Silver Spyder Chile
#158 Silver Coupe South Africa / White Spyder
#160 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#163 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe Canada / Matte Sphere Blue Spyder UK
#166 Silver Coupe US / Samoa Orange Spyder UK
#167 Orange Coupe US / Suzuka Grey Spyder DE
#168 Silver Coupe South Africa
#171 White coupe Malaysia
#175 White Spyder DE
#176 Silver Coupe US (GTMaybe) / Grey Spyder Chile
#177 Suzuka Grey Spyder Panama
#179 Matte Suzuka Grey coupe UK / White Spyder UK
#180 White Spyder ??
#182 White Spyder DE
#183 Black Coupe US / Suzuka Grey Spyder Brazil
#184 Matte Blue Sphere Spyder HK
#185 Phantom Black Coupe CA
#186 Black Coupe US (Gary Weissman 1)
#187 Black Spyder US
#188 Metallic Ice Silver Coupe US
#190 Black Coupe US / Black Spyder UK
#193 Black Spyder US
#195 Metallic Ice Silver Coupe Australia
#196 Black Coupe US (LeoMiami)
#197 Phantom Black Coupe US / Black Spyder US
#203 Red coupe UAE
#204 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe US / Matte Sphere Blue Spyder Belarus
#205 White Spyder Mexico
#206 Black Coupe US
#208 Black Coupe US (My R8)
#211 Black Coupe SG
#212 Phantom Black Metallic Coupe CA
#213 Daytona Grey Coupe CA (SuperFleaJQ)
#214 White Spyder DE
#215 White Coupe DE
#217 Plantom Black Pearl coupe US
#220 Red Coupe UK / White Spyder AU
#222 White Coupe DE / Phantom Black Spyder UK
#226 Suzuka Grey coupe Dubai / Phantom Black Spyder US (Rule12b)
#227 Black Coupe US
#228 Suzuka Grey Coupe US (Crashed) / Red Spyder DE
#229 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#230 Black Coupe UK
#231 Black Coupe US / Matte Sphere Blue Metallic Spyder DE (Ex-UK, converted from RHD to LHD)
#232 Suzuka Grey Coupe US (R8GT.232)
#234 Black Coupe UK
#235 White Spyder Mexico
#236 Samoa Orange Coupe DE
#237 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe DE / Merlin Purple Spyder UK
#238 White Spyder CA (horanic) / Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe CA
#239 White Coupe UK
#240 White Spyder UK
#241 White Coupe ZA
#242 White Coupe US / Matte Sphere Blue Spyder DE
#243 Phantom Black Coupe US
#244 Phantom Black Spyder US
#245 Orange Coupe US / Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder UK
#246 Phantom Black Coupe UK
#247 Blue Coupe US (MFR8GT)
#248 Matte Suzuka Grey Coupe - New Zealand
#249 Black Spyder UK
#250 Black Coupe US / White Spyder DE
#251 Black Coupe Canada
#252 Black Spyder UK / White Coupe DE
#253 White Spyder South Africa
#254 Matte Sphere Blue Spyder UK
#257 White Coupe US / Suzuka Spyder US
#258 Misano Red Pearl Coupe South Africa (Thebrittishguy)
#260 Orange Coupe US
#261 Sonoma Orange Coupe US / White Spyder UK
#265 Red Spyder DE
#266 Blue Spyder US
#267 Kingfisher Blue Coupe UK R8 TT
#268 Suzuka Grey Coupe DE
#269 White Coupe US (marknkidz) / White Spyder DE
#270 Black Spyder HK
#272 Red - Supercharged US
#274 Orange coupe Brazil
#275 Suzuka Grey Coupe US (mmaturo)
#276 Black Spyder US (miker8gt) / white coupe US
#278 White Spyder UK / Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#279 Black Spyder US
#280 Orange Coupe US
#281 White matte coupe UAE
#282 Meissen Blue Coupe US
#284 Sphere Blue Spyder Peru
#286 White Spyder Belgium
#287 White Coupe US
#290 Black Couple CA / Matte Suzuka Grey Spyder Poland
#292 Audi Exclusive colour: Lamborghini Lynx Grey Metallic Spyder US (Maverick)
#294 Azzurro California Coupe US (tobefrank)
#297 Black Coupe US
#298 Black Spyder China (crashed) / Suzuka Grey Coupe US (GT#298)
#301 Black Coupe DE
#303 Orange Coupe US (vuvision)
#304 White Coupe US (eminders)
#306 Red Coupe US
#307 Samoa Orange US
#308 Suzuka Grey Coupe US
#313 Monza Silver Metallic Coupe US
#314 Metallic Ice Silver Coupe US (mute)
#317 Matte Sphere Blue Coupe UK
#318 Matte Grey Coupe US
#320 Metallic Ice Silver Coupe Singapore
#321 Black Coupe South Africa
#323 Suzuka Grey Coupe UAE
#324 White Coupe DE
#325 White Coupe US
#326 Grey Coupe Czech Republic
#327 Black Coupe Switzerland
#329 White Coupe FR
#332 Bronze Coupe Kuwait
#333 Matte Grey Coupe

Unknown Red Spyder CA
Unknown Blue Spyder SG
Unknown Orange Coupe UK
Unknown White Coupe South Africa
Unknown Red Coupe Czech Republic
#104 coupe is a US car now
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Wow four of them? Any stories or one that you preferred over the other?! Do you still have all four?
He didn’t own them, he’s just providing data for them.
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Contribution from myself
#283: Suzuka Grey Matte, Race Package, Germany
#109 Grey Coupe Belgium
#182 White Spyder France
#260 White Spyder Germany
Interesting story for #283. That one is on the list GroupB posted as a US-spec car that was totaled within the first month of ownership. It was then exported to Germany.
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It's also ibis white, not suzuka gray matte as R8_V10_Performance said above
Now I have 307 and 104, both samoa orange
What wheels are those?
That’s a Stasis car
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