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GT owners where are you?

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Just as the title says, I thought it would be interesting to see how many GT's we can locate on this forum.
This includes the Spyder as well.
Pictures are always welcome!

I can get things started.

Virginia, USA
Purchased new December 2012
4,600 miles
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Carbon interior trim
Carbon engine bay trim

Yes, I know my GT emblem is in the wrong place. The clear bra guy reattached them without marking the original position. It's been like that for two years now and getting lazy to place them in the correct location.


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Contribution from myself
#036: Suzuka Grey Matte, Race Package, Germany
#109 Grey Coupe Belgium
#182 White Spyder France
#260 White Spyder Germany
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He didn’t own them, he’s just providing data for them.
Yeah, as TriniTT pointed out, unfortunately I dont own a single GT, but doing my best effort to get my V10 close as aspiration.

#036 Coupe: sat in it in 2020 myself, was for sale very local
#109 for sale here

#182 for sale here
#260 for sale here

What I find interesting, #260 seems to be a white Spyder in germany but according the VIN list of @ramonskinl #260 should be Sphere Blue Matte and in South-Korea?

@rohitgarewal: In hindsight I should have bought #283, it was an absolute mint condition GT with black leather interior and full race package. The price was a steal compared to todays pricing but at the time I didnt have the funds yet.
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Thanks for the research and pointing out the inconsistency, must admit I had mixed something up. I stored this spec sheet of #283 together with the pictures of the car I had visited but they are not the same cars.
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I contacted the previous owner of the car I had checked out and he confirmed his was #036, its still in germany. Have corrected my posts, so now #036 and #283 could be added to the list. Sorry for the confusion guys.
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