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When you talk about performance wheels for any 911 you need to start off with what is arguably most important: weight. The HRE R101 Lightweights in GT2RS specific fitments weigh under 18 lbs for the front wheels & 23.5 lbs for the rear respectively. For those that do not wish to track their expensive Magnesium wheels or for those who only have the heavier factory aluminum wheels these are the perfect wheel option to improve style & performance. Since these are custom built you aren’t constrained to one or two finishes either. HRE offers over 100 different wheel finishes so that every GT2RS sporting these wheels can look different from the other. You can also customize the widths & offsets of these wheels so no matter what 911 model you own you can join the lightweight wheel party.

Customer 991 Gallery: 991 Galleries | Wheels Boutique

Wheel Specs:
Finish: Brushed Titanium
Size: 20"x9.5" || 21"x12.5"
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s
Tire Size: 265/35/20 || 325/30/21

Also Available: 19”//19” & 20”//20” Porsche Fitments || Gloss, Satin, Stone, & Polished Finishes

Visit & contact us for details, availability, and pricing on HRE Wheels & Michelin Tires. Comment below & tell us what you think!

For more photos of this vehicle visit: Porsche 991 GT2RS on HRE R101 Lightweight
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