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Hello… I finally have one :)

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Just introducing myself. I have finally have a R8 V10 Plus Gen 1 in my possession. It’s been a very long 3.5 months and I’m glad it’s over tbh, I was going insane looking on the used sales
Sites….Gave up on finding the holy grail of a 14/15 plate plus manual so went for a S Tronic instead and I’m glad I did. All my other cars in my collection are manuals so it’s nice to have an auto in the stable :). I am a purist car enthusiast at heart so I won’t be modifying the car to much but I do own a vehicle installation business in the UK which we strive on thinking outside the box when it comes to retrofit installs, and we have some development products I’m dying to retro install on this car so watch this space as some
If you may be interested in some of the products I have in store, as well as being able to offer reviews on other products I intend to install on this little beauty.
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She’s a beaut. It took me a long time holding out for a manual. I got one finally, but higher mileage than I wanted.
That said, now I won’t feel bad driving it. ;)
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