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Here is a detailed guide on how to add a picture to a thread

Basically, you need to tell the thread where the image you wish to display is - by specifying its location as an URL (web address) - and ensure you have highlighted that is a web address for an image and not a link to a web site.

So, here goes with the example.

Let's say you are embroiled in a thread and are discussing beer, and what to put a picture of a Grolsch bottle in your reply

Step 1

Locate a picture

1) Start up a browser window and go to google

2) Search Google images for 'grolsch bottle'

3) Choose one you like - lets go for the 1st on the left, second row - click the image

4) You now get a page with the little picture at the top, and the main picture on its native web page below. Sometime you need to click the See full size image. link next to the little picture to see the main page - this will also ensure the main pic does exist and has not been altered since Google indexed it

5) Right click the picture you wish to use, and choose properties

6) Up pops information on the picture, what we are after is the web address (URL)

7) Carefully left click at the start of the URL and highlight the whole address - be careful not to miss the end

8 ) Now store this to memory by copying it - either right click and choose copy or press CTRL+C while highlighted

Done? You could test it works by starting a new browser window and pasting the URL into the address bar - your chosen picture should appear

Step 2

Link to picture in your reply

1) Start your reply in the usual way

2) When you get to the point in your text you wish to insert your image, type in [/b]

[b]3) Paste your Grolsch image URL next - either right click and paste, or press CTRL + V[/b]

[b]4) You should now have this:[/b]


[b]5) Before we do anything else we must tell the reply function that the URL for the image has ended - or else the rest of the reply will be taken as part of the web address and it will fail[/b]

[b]6) Type in

7 ) This should appear directly after the URL you just entered:

Sometime if you misplace the cursor in your reply the closing image tag can get 'lost' in the message. The
must be directly before and after the URL for it to work.

Step 3

Complete reply

1) Finish you witty reply


If your picture does not appear, check the following:

1) Prove it does exist as a valid URL - past the address into a new browser window and see if it appears:

If it does then the address is valid and the error lies within the reply

If it does not appear then check you copied the address correctly. Alternatively it may be that linking to the image from outside the site hosting the image has been blocked - you will need to choose another.

2) Check your reply code - do the
come directly before and after the image URL with no spaces?

This would be wrong:

[img] [/img]
as there are spaces before and after the URL

There you go - linking to a picture in a reply sorted.

Hope the above helps.
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