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Good afternoon everyone,
I just purchased my first Audi last month and one thing that immediately bothered me was the gas cap not matching the side-blades. After searching on the forums and online for videos showing removal/installation of aftermarket gas caps, I could not really find anything detailed on the exact installation other than "push this tab in and the cap comes off". While that is correct, it seems that the process becomes a bit more involved if you purchase a carbon gas cap that does not already have the plastic backing installed on it, which is what I received. I thought I would share the installation process to help anyone looking to do this modification in the future.

Step 1: Removing gas cap from vehicle. There are 2 T20 torx screws holding the gas cap hinge assembly on. If your aftermarket gas cap already has the plastic assembly backing installed on it, this step is not necessary. (Not pictured due to photo limit)

Step 2: Removing hinge from gas cap. As stated by others before, on the edge of the cap farthest away from the vehicle, you slightly peel back the rubber ring to expose a small slot in the plastic backing. You want to use a small flathead or something similar and approach from the left side of this slot and simply keep pushing in further while lightly pulling the gas cap away from the direction of the vehicle and it should start sliding off. Here are several photos showing the slot, a glimpse of the tab, and where I pushed the flathead in. I do not think you need to worry about breaking anything:

Waste containment Gas Camera accessory Cylinder Waste container

Glimpse of tab:
Automotive tire Font Rim Automotive wheel system Eyewear

Where to push the tab:
Font Rim Circle Audio equipment Bicycle part

Step 3: Sliding hinge off of gas cap. There are 3 areas where the hinge locks into the gas cap. The photos below show the hinge assembly and the gas cap (including tab) once you slide the cap off.

Gas cap (notice tab in bottom left)
Motor vehicle Gas Automotive lighting Auto part Font

Hinge assembly:
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Tire Tread

Step 4: Removing "R8" emblem (optional). I still was not 100% sure if I was supposed to stick the new gas cap on top of the old one or if it was a complete replacement, so I decided to remove the emblem to see if the new gas cap fit over the old gas cap properly (it did not). Removing the emblem is a simple as heating the area with the emblem up with a heat gun or baking in the over at 245* for 5-7 minutes, then using some fishing line and sliding it under the emblem. I reused the emblem on my new gas cap while I wait for the new emblem to arrive. (Not pictured due to photo limit)

Step 5: Removing plastic backing plate from original gas cap. After confirming the new gas cap did not just fit over the old one, I assumed that the backing plate was held on with some type of 3M double-sided adhesive or tape. I preheated the oven again to 245*, put the original cap on a pan, and baked it for around 7-9 minutes. You do not need to worry about melting anything, I bake headlights in the oven all the time. You obviously want to wear gloves when removing the gas cap and pan and while working on removing the backing. Once you remove it from the oven, start using a flathead to pry the plastic backing from the gas cap. Slowly work around the edge a few times and the adhesive should start releasing itself from the gas cap. If needed, you can put it in the oven again to soften the adhesive if the gas cap cools down. Below are photos showing the plastic backing and the gas cap once they are separated, then the plastic backing once the old adhesive is removed (you can heat it up again to soften it so it is easier to remove)

Plastic backing and gas cap:
Silver Nickel Circle Font Metal

Plastic backing with adhesive removed + rubber o-ring(it just sits on top of the plastic backing):
Silver Material property Circle Gas Font

Step 7: Adding new adhesive. I used pieces of 3M double sided tape to replace the adhesive. It helps to heat up the plastic backing plate when sticking it on so it adheres better. It's okay to overlap over the rubber ring, since it sits flush with the plastic backing plate.

New adhesive backing:
Red Automotive lighting Material property Gas Font

Step 8: Sticking the new gas cap to the plastic backing plate. I heated up the adhesive a bit more, pressed it down and made sure it was adhered nicely, then peeled off the red tape, heated again, heated the gas cap slightly, then pressed them together to ensure a nice adhesion. You want to try to line everything up nicely and if the rubber o-ring is not sitting back in the gap between the gas cap and the backing, use a small flat-head to wedge it in properly.

Backing plate on new gas cap (Before I adjusted the o-ring to fill the gap)
Gas Font Automotive lighting Circle Button

Step 9: Reinstalling hinge assembly to plastic backing plate. Line up the 3 slots on the top and bottom, push down, then slide to the right and the hinge assembly will lock back into place on the backing plate. After that, simply reinstall the gas cap assembly onto the car using the 2 T20 torx and you're done! I hope this writeup can assist anyone in the future looking to complete this project. Photo below shows gas cap reinstalled. I am aware the emblem is a bit off, I am still waiting for the new one to arrive. Next modification I will be doing is swapping the steering wheel, paddle shifters, and air bag cover with a custom carbon fiber wheel, Lamborghini Urus carbon paddle shifters, and matching air bag cover. Stay tuned!

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Nice work! Nice write up! And yes you are right, that really does make a difference when it's aligned with the side blade.

Where did you get the piece of CF?
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