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Hi All,

I have post this problem before but I didn't have any answers that could help me to solve this problem:

In morning after driving 400 meters the check engine light started to blink/flash for 5 seconds and I've recognized that this happens in the following circumstances:

1-Didn't use the car for 1 day or more.
2-Cold start.
3-Low rpm.

So when the flashing light stopped, I drove it to warm up the engine, then I have floor it and the car was perfect no hesitation or any problem. After several visits to Audi and they said that this was caused by carbon build up around the injectors and valves, I was not convinced by this but I have agreed to let them do the required job. I picked up the car after the maintenance was done it drives perfectly and sounds better, but next morning under the same circumstances the check engine light flashed again! the codes are always a misfire in cylinder or two. The misfire happens only on the the circumstances described above.

I appreciate all help & thank you so much in advance!
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