Sold on eBay to someone who then realised they didn’t have the money?? Hope he doesn’t have an R8!!
£550 plus shipping buys them now.

Immaculate set of 19" OEM Audi R8 wheels for sale. Originally from a 2017 Spyder (Gen 2 fitment certainly but supplied with spigot rings so they fit the Gen 1 too).

Just powdercoated & balanced.

Rear tyres 305/30 ZRE19 Michelin P4S with 6.5mm tread (250 miles old).
Front tyres 235/35/ZR19 Pirelli PZero with 7mm+ (150 miles old).

Fronts Michelins replaced as I had a puncture & where I was had nothing available apart from Pirelli for 48 hours so replaced both - at least axle was matching!

Really like these wheels & they suit the car but had the option of a set of forged McLaren rims so took it.

Collection in Edinburgh or can ship within UK for less than £100.
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