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Instructions on how to disable Gen 2 Base Wing

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This is for Disabling a Gen 2 Baseplate with everything still plugged in.

There have been many threads asking how to disable the wing on a Base Gen 2 (even one created by me). So far there has been little to no help on the subject so I am creating this thread for everyone still trying to figure it out.

A few methods that have been suggested to me:
Unplug the stock wing motor and disable in the comfort module with VCDS (similar to a gen 1)
Unhook the driveshaft and install v10+ brackets. No VCDS required since the motor is still plugged in and functioning, but no actual wing movement.

I am sure there are other ways I didn't mention, but none are as clean as this one as far as I know.
Disclaimer, I am not a certified audi tech or anything of the sort, so work on your car at your own risk.
Here it is...

Pull the passenger seat forward, pull the carpet behind the seat and uncover a fuse box.
Remove fuse 7 (yellow). This fuse only controls the power to the wing motor.

Disable the wing in the comfort module with VCDS like you would on a Gen 1.

Go into Instrument cluster (17) and uncheck the box that has wing installed.
This will remove the warning light off your dash.

It's as simple as that!
Easily reversible and only takes less than 30 minutes to complete. I would recommend extra brackets to hold the stock baseplate if you're reusing that.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Kormodiv for supplying the wiring diagram and murph145 for the Gen 2 car to work on.
Hopefully this brings the great mystery to an end.
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^ once you figure it out its pretty easy and straight fwd. I was able to put the V10+ OEM style spoiler on my base V10 and it looks great and no issues now.

If you are keeping the factory base plate for the non plus and simply adhering a + style wing this is an easy way to disable.
I can only advice you to change the paintshop you are using. Painting a panel on a brand new car with factory paint color to get perfect color match is not a problem for an expert shop. Likewise, they do not paint the whole rear end of the car to get a color match when you scratch the rear bumper ...
OK, so what I am learning from that is "OEM" means removing the motor etc that enables the articulation of the active spoiler. Then you would still need to turn off the instructions that call it to activate, or it will throw out an error. Makes sense...

So, the simple fix, is the earlier instructions - a fuse being MUCH easier than taking out the other.

I have an exhaust going on this week and everything is coming apart. As a result of that, would the most simple fix be to mechanically disable the articulation? Anybody have any instructions about keeping the motor 'thinking' its still doing its thing but dislocating the mechanics that actually make it happen?
Why would you want to do that? Just pull the fuse and code it out, it is simple. Good thing about pulling the fuse is that if you ever need to access under the wing plate just put the fuse back in and it will pop up.

Disabling the motor somehow will make it impossible for you to ever access under the wing plate unless you remove the rear end for access.
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Curious, when you remove the motor how do you gain access to say underneath the spoiler if needed?
Probably have to remove the bumper
Dumb question. If you can simply pull a fuse

Dumb question. If you can simply pull a fuse and directly mount the wing. Then why go through the hassle and cost of buying the full replacement kit?
Because some people want it to be OEM like I suppose.

If you use the non plus base plate and even pull the fuse the plate has some slight movement in it. I did this with my 2017 and with the OEM + wing it is fine. I would not mount a larger Vorsteiner wing to the non + plate.

The + base plate and mounting hardware make it solid and fixed more securely.

Just depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of wing you intend to use.
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Agreed if you are mounting the OEM wing. And I may end up buying a used one.

However the wing I'm considering is non OEM, and made to fit on the non plus base plate.
What wing are you considering?
I bought a used 2017 plus OEM wing. So I will do the full conversion.

One of the vendors sells an aftermarket OEM replica that is mounted directly to the non plus base plate. Only $900 plus install. However I decided to go the long, harder, and more expensive route with the full swap.
Sounds good. I did the same for my 17 base but did not do the full conversion. We did the fuse and coding and works just fine. I understand wanting to do the full conversion I was thinking about doing it that way too but did not want to spend the outrageous amount for all the parts
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