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Instructions on how to disable Gen 2 Base Wing

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This is for Disabling a Gen 2 Baseplate with everything still plugged in.

There have been many threads asking how to disable the wing on a Base Gen 2 (even one created by me). So far there has been little to no help on the subject so I am creating this thread for everyone still trying to figure it out.

A few methods that have been suggested to me:
Unplug the stock wing motor and disable in the comfort module with VCDS (similar to a gen 1)
Unhook the driveshaft and install v10+ brackets. No VCDS required since the motor is still plugged in and functioning, but no actual wing movement.

I am sure there are other ways I didn't mention, but none are as clean as this one as far as I know.
Disclaimer, I am not a certified audi tech or anything of the sort, so work on your car at your own risk.
Here it is...

Pull the passenger seat forward, pull the carpet behind the seat and uncover a fuse box.
Remove fuse 7 (yellow). This fuse only controls the power to the wing motor.

Disable the wing in the comfort module with VCDS like you would on a Gen 1.

Go into Instrument cluster (17) and uncheck the box that has wing installed.
This will remove the warning light off your dash.

It's as simple as that!
Easily reversible and only takes less than 30 minutes to complete. I would recommend extra brackets to hold the stock baseplate if you're reusing that.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Kormodiv for supplying the wiring diagram and murph145 for the Gen 2 car to work on.
Hopefully this brings the great mystery to an end.
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For anyone using VCDS, I realize that the long coding helper under instrument cluster has no values filled in with information. You're going to want to go into Byte 14 and uncheck bit 7 to remove the spoiler warning exclamation point.

You can also disable your seatbelt warning by going to Byte 00 and unchecking Bit 3.
Disabling exit warning is Byte 12, Bit 4 (uncheck).
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Thanks for the write-up - is there any concern on your part around cooling, by using the non plus base plate? I'm in the process of getting a wing installed on my non plus, but I just seen a friend's + and it has a vent on the base plate.
I haven't heard of any cooling issues. My buddies car hasn't had any issues yet, but he hasn't done any tracking.
Can you explain this step? I have been looking on the forum but cant seem to find any instructions. Thank you!
In the comfort module, you search for the option for "Wing Installed" and change it to No.
Thank you @APOLLOSKI!! So you need to select "NO" where it says wing installed and after for the 3rd step - you need to go into Instrument cluster (17) and uncheck the box that has wing installed.

Do you need to change any byte's? Or its just easy as checking boxes?
It's as easy as check/uncheck the correct boxes. Be sure and follow the steps in order.
I'm about to install the OEM Audi Performance rear wing. Does the rear bumper has to come off ?

2021 Gen 2 RWD with no wing. I have bought all OEM Audi mounting hardware necessary + OEM wing.

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I dont believe the rear bumper has to come off.
Looks great! Can you make some instructions on how to disable the spoiler?
lol This thread is literally instructions on how to disable a spoiler on a Gen 2.
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Does one need to remove the spoiler fuse after disabling the spoiler with the VCDS ?
You have to follow the steps in the exact order as I wrote them out. If you don't remove the fuse before disabling with VCDS, the spoiler pops up because it thinks it needs to be serviced. With the fuse already out, it can't make that connection and you're on your way to having the spoiler disabled without any warning lights.
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That is when you keep the OE retractable spoiler. But I have removed the spoiler completely with all assosiated hardware and put the fixed wing (with all corresponding OE Audi fixed wing mounting hardware) in place, so there is nothing to pop out. There is no electric motor left. Everything is fixed. There is only an open cable left (which I have taped out and secured).
If you go the OEM route, you can skip the fuse step. The other steps are still relevant.
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This thread is helpful - thanks. A question that I dont think is covered:

The instructions to disable are helpful, but somewhat of a hack (elegant of course, and no disrespect meant!). Wondering if you have a gen 2 and opt for the fixed wing, can you also go to the expense of having the dealer disable the automatic function? Just curious if there is an OEM way to do this too?

If you use a mac and dont have VCDS, then its 600 bucks just to complete the instructions here (computer and dongle from Ross-tech).
You can do it with OBDEleven on your Iphone/android ($100). I'm sure the dealer would charge more than $100 to do these steps for you. I only mentioned Rosstech since it is more widely known, but I did it with OBD11 and it worked the same.
As per my post before this, if you swap to all OEM components (remove spoiler mechanism), you don't need to do the fuse step.
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Sorry just to be clear, if you are installing the OEM Plus Spoiler with the OEM Kit you do not need to remove the fuse? Just turn off the active spoiler with VCDS?
Yup, turn off spoiler in both control units.
Were you able to code on your 2021? My OBDeleven doesn't show an option for any coding. Something about how they are still negotiating with Audi to be able to access the coding for 2020 and newer.
You will have to wait unfortunately. Otherwise, you can find someone with Vagcom willing to help or disconnect the wing shaft mechanism.
Hi Guys
I have a 2018RWS which is extensively tracked. It has an LMS Gt4 fixed rear wing fitted. I left the old spoiler motor installed and electrically connected and everything was good for 2 years or so. Recently I started to get the rear spoiler not deployed correctly error message. So I coded out the rear spoiler as per the instructions above. The problem is that now every time I go over 100mph on track the traction control reactivates. Obviously on track the traction control has to be off and stay off otherwise the car is rubbish to drive. I did some research on the R8 Plus with the fixed spoiler and it appears that this may be part of the Audi software and not possible to code out? Any experience out there? I just need to get rid of the spoiler not deployed error message without the car altering the traction control setting.
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You can always go the other route of keeping the spoiler enabled, but disconnecting the drive in the motor, so the car still thinks the wing is coming up.
Hi Apolloski. I have run it for 2 years with the motor connected and the spoiler enabled. However I did keep getting the random messages that the spoiler was faulty, these were steadily becoming more and more frequent. They could usually be cleared and it was all good again for a while. As it is getting more frequent I was hoping for a method of coding it out which did not cause the traction control to re-enable above 100mph? I am not sure that leaving the spoiler enabled but disconnecting the drive in the motor will work? I guess that it looks for some limit position in the motor to determine if the spoiler is at the end of its travel up or down? I would assume that it will throw a fault code all the time? Happy to give anything a try, its ruining a great car.
That method does work and was the preferred method before I did the fuse/vcds disable method. You just disconnect the drive shaft mechanism so the car will raise and lower as though it thinks the wing is still there. There's no sensor that checks to see if anything actually got raised. You shouldnt be getting any more errors after that.
Yea following my original instructions should work. Once recoded, the car doesnt even think theres a wing on there, so no errors should show up.
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