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Hello All!

My name is Logan and I take care of the marketing for Eurowise, a European Performance shop in Charlotte, NC. We modify and service a large range of European vehicles. In the past couple of years we have slowly moved into the exotics scene as well. We manufacture exhausts for Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mclarens, Audis and much more. We also have recently built our first custom twin turbo kit for a customer's V8 powered R8. Check out a few photos of the twin turbo car we've been wrapping up recently as well as a couple videos of some of our exhaust systems. I will be putting together a video of the twin turbo kit as soon as we finish up a couple things on the car. I'll share that here when it happens.

Looking forward to getting to know this forum and sharing some of our content!


To check out our product line for Audi R8's visit here (We also manufacturer almost any custom part from scratch so feel free to get in touch with inquiries):

d6MLMOxl.jpg xhqWX9Jl.jpg egWzOeyl.jpg Lgefx9Al.jpg O5ZQvICl.jpg

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