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Is a exhaust supposed to be this loud?!

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Got my rev9 suffered exhaust installed don my V8. Drove the car for 60km and both hated and loved it. Sure, it sounds great when driving on the highway. But when driving through the city it got annoying. between 2-3k revs it drones a lot.
It also melted my bumper on the right side, maybe the exhaust was angled wrong. Will bring the bumper to the bodyshop and restore it.
I am most definitely sure that I annoyed people living by my favorite roads.

My questioned is- is it normal for a exhaust to drone a lot in the city and does the exhaust get quieter Shen it has been used for some time?

Thinking of installing the original exhaust back on...
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Is the OEM sport exhaust even an option for V8 models? I'd be interested for sure, but haven't been able to locate any info at all.
Great question - I can probably check one of the original brochures. Because it was only available in 2015, unless you have a facelift car, it may also not fit right as the facelift exhaust tips all went to round outlets - something else to consider.
installed the original exhaust and did the little valve mod.
Its enough for me, I live in a small town and the car as is makes people jealous: especially when an 18 year old is driving it. Maybe will upgrade the exhaust if I fit a v10 bumper.
I fitted a resonated titanium Rev9 exhaust to my 2010 V10 R-tronic and have driven it spiritedly for 500 km. I bought it based on positive comments on this forum, videos available online, and perceived value for money. The exhaust is well-made and fitted pretty well, although the tips are very close to the top of the oval outlets in the bumper rather than in the centre.

The following is an objective assessment to the degree that I have no interest in promoting the brand (but it is subjective in terms of personal taste).

First impressions: very loud, a bit 'shouty' initially, to my ear at least. It felt like some of the mature, nuanced, V10-ness of the OEM had been lost.

Second impressions: very loud, but it quietened down a little with use and became less brash, the tone returned closer to the OEM V10-ness, and a delightful range of gorgeous burbles entered the mix when easing off the throttle. It is a very deep sound, and there is an added gunshot-style 'burp' on upshifts, which is addictive. It sounds much better at idle too.

Third impressions: wow, this thing howls in the upper rev range, it is quite something. Not an F1 sound as some have said (why would it be?) but definitely race car characteristics. And the throttle response is sharper, along with a feeling of more power and torque (Rev9 claim a modest 15hp increase). This may be a placebo effect due to the noise, but that's fine with me.

Overall, I am very pleased indeed, and the response from other R8 owners, including Gen 2, is nothing but effusive and highly positive. This exhaust has brought the car alive and given it a character that it lacked in the noise department. That said, it is always 'on' and certainly attracts attention, but if driven without big throttle inputs it isn't offensive.

As for drone, honestly, there isn't any...none at all. Those who complain of drone from the Rev9 seem to be V8 rather than V10 owners who have fitted the non-resonated track version of the Rev9. An exhaust without resonators is bound to have drone...

Taste is entirely subjective, but for my tastes, this has met the mark. I'd happily recommend the Rev9 resonated titanium version for the Gen1 V10.
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