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I (In my opinion) dont think you will ever see something less than 140-150 k in resale.. even with the 100 k. By that point the gen 1 will all be highly priced, and it would be rare / weird for a gen 2 to be priced way lower than a gen 1. Pre covid pricing my friend got a 2017 Spyder for 173k with 17 k km, that also from auto planet (Not the best dealer to buy from).
agreed. price is going to be even more robust when next gen hybrids come out. this and the huracan last V10 NA ever made. i should have kept my manual '10. those are well over 100. hell- a new RS5 will cost you 90K-100K! and prices will continue to go up on those. for sure the gen II will stabilize before it also goes up. unless you have a beat up, poor condition really high mile car the gen II plus will level off at at least 150k for now (worst case) more like 170 K realistically.

if the replacement car has 800 plus hp the MSRP will be well over 300k.
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