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Hi, glad to join the site, maybe I could help you with moderating. Was considering starting my own site about R8 but you got a good site here and I wouldn't wanna ruin it for you or compete with you. I'm starting 2 sites myself 1 for tesla motors owners and enthusiasts (under construction) and also under construction.

Well you guys want some info.
4.2 425hp to start and 5.2v10to follow year later with 480 or 520 hp.
No DSG but will be manual and sequential shift(like that on gallardo).
Quattro awd of course. Magnetic ride control apparently
CCB optional i'm sure. car should be 3300-3500lbs I'm guessing based on speculation and some info;) .
0-100km 4.2 at least so 0-60mph should be 4.1or 4.0, if its lighter then gallardo maybe 3.9.
Car made of aluminum.
Interior nothing we've seen from audi yet.
Car looks like le mans just different lights.
Anymore questions let me know but I cant think of anything else.
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