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Mag Rides and Underbody pics

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Purchased this R8 and they sent me these pics during the PPI. What do you think? It was wet outside so hard to distinguish between leaks and just wetness. How can you tell if shocks are original?

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Visible partnumber is oem.
Imo they look ok but you should drive the car.
When driving with Magride switch on or off there should be a clear difference concerning the suspension.
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The top of the shock would leak…i see no photos of the top of the shock
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Dont have pics of the top of the shocks but am going to get another PPI from a specialist shop once it arrives for a deeper inspection.
I would try to get your money back from the first shop. It's not a proper PPI without looking at the top of the shocks for these cars.
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Shocks that leak oil at the top will show oil at the bottom like mine did. Maybe @Nagengast can share his opinion.
It's hard to say for sure but it sure does look like early stage of fluid leakage. As far as telling if they are OEM - you can tell it's an original shock by the springs (the blue and red markings) but mostly by the top of the shock, which you have not showed to us.

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The top photo shows the V8 shocks and bottom is from a V10 R8.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to order a new set. If your ride feels bumpy - you're going to love the car all over again with a new set of shocks from us.

[email protected]

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Thanks. I will test out the ride and get another more complete inspection here in a few weeks once I have it
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Sounds good. Keep me posted!
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