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Manual Transmission Linkage Oil Leak

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a 10p Seal - 10 hour labour gearbox out jobby or not?

Appreciate any help, thanks.

20171207_155951 by Jake Baker, on Flickr
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All complete. New seal fitted and working. So it absolutely is serviceable.
Thank you for posting this, I've recently changed the same seal and your pictures were very helpful!

I did find the original seal to be a very peculiar size so opted to try a seal 1mm thicker. As the original one sits within the casting, the new one just sits flush instead.
For anyone else thinking of doing this or having it done, make sure a picture is taken of the selector mechanism before undoing the bolt to remove the shaft! There's some play in the selectors before the bolt is tightened so if not back in the same place could result in gears being in the wrong place or it not going into gear at all. It won't do any harm but will mean taking everything off again to readjust.



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That BISL number is just the dimensions of the seal (ID-OD-Depth), not a part number as such. I found high temperature seals in that size very hard to track down, hence trying one 5mm thick rather than 4mm.
You can see how that fits in the photo's above, it's a good tight fit and I'd definitely recommend using a press to make sure its pushed in square. I did put a bit of Loctite around the outside as well just to make doubly sure it wasn't going anywhere. No leaks from it thus far so I'd say it works.

I did get two so can always just pop one in the post if you'd like to try it as well?
Mate, that would be amazing yes please. Where are you in the UK? I'm northwest?
For sure! Just pm'd you (y)
Hi there , new to the forum so can't pm anyone yet, I am in the process of doing this, removal done seal in , having trouble putting it back, any suggestions or help will be appreciated.
The only part that can change is the position of the selector mechanism when you undo the bolt to slide the shaft out of the housing. Refer to my post towards the end of the first page.

With the bolt in but before tightening, you should be able to see that the mechanism can rock from left to right without the shaft turning, this needs to be in the right place so you select the correct gears when fitted and in extreme circumstances, I can imagine how it wouldn't fit back at all, hope that helps!
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