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It’s important to us that we produce high quality media to give potential customers the ability to effectively judge the sound of our exhausts, and we’re in need of a 2017+ R8 to receive our exhaust system and then be filmed. We normally complete all media during development, but we were not able to do so this time around due to poor weather conditions.

We’re looking for local owners (or anyone interested in shipping their vehicle) who would be interested in a very nice incentive on our Valvetronic X-Pipe Exhaust System (and ECU Tune if desired) in exchange for working with us to produce video. We would need the vehicle for at least 2 business days to complete the installation and video production. You are welcome to drive your vehicle during the filming process!

If you are interested please shoot me a PM or email [email protected] and we can discuss the incentive in-depth.

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