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The above two posters are Gen1 cars I believe, as am I. If you're referring to the super common Maxton splitter (gloss black typically), that's what I have, and I've had no issues that were the fault of the splitter. Mine is fitted like the above two mention, possibly with the addition of 3M tape (that may just be the side skirts though).

I've taken chunks out of two of them (on my third... I'm not nice to them apparently) on rocks/thrown pebbles in rally situations, but I've seen 170+ mph (indicated) with zero issues.

The one I broke off failed like what you're describing (still mounted, but folded back and then broke off) was in several inches of snow and it was definitely acting as a mini-plow blade (it was already broken or I would have removed it before playing in the snow). I'm assuming you're not driving in several inches of snow or running into deep puddles though...

If you're referring to a Gen2 splitter I can't help you, but I know the Gen1 splitter is super popular, and I haven't heard any complaints like this really - and people track them and worse (in my case haha).
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