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My Alibaba Carbon Fiber Journey

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Ok, so I've joked for 2 years about Alibaba and how great it is. A lot of people talk badly about China, but I am of the belief that Chinese product can be just as good as anything made in Germany or elsewhere. I should say, I don't really like Carbon Fiber all that much and the only reason I'm doing this is to see how it turns out. I was going to give the piece to the guy rebuilding the salt water flood car, but when I googled 2014 R8 V8 carbon fiber on I didnt realize that his car was older, so that fell through. I guess now I will either use it on my car unless he can make it fit on his and still wants it. Or, it may never show up.

So, the reason I went with the Alibaba vendor that I went with is because they have a video and they responded quickly to my email. I also wanted to test if they were going to rip me off, so I paid them via paypal (not on the alibaba site) and I even sent the money before they gave me the PO. Its only a $132 plus shipping for the engine cover part and I guess will kind of look ridiculous when the rest is the black plastic, but this is really all about entertainment for me so I rolled the dice.

Here is how it went, I found them on Alibaba in about 5 minutes sent them a message at about 8pm chicago time (10am China time) and they responded in good english with a catalog of parts within 30 minutes. I told them I wanted the piece and then sent the money via paypal. They said it will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks but we will see. Lots of cultures view time differently than American's so I don't know what they really mean by 4 to 6 weeks. If I hear that in Latin America, it means about 6 months and I'm ok with that. If I hear that in Germany, I am shocked they didnt give me an exact date and time and if I hear that in the USA I think it will be here in 4 to 6 weeks.

It appears this thing costs $1,400 OEM, I'm sure less from R8crap and probably there are other vendors who sell it non OEM for 500 or 800 bucks or something. I still dont know my landed price as I may get a high shipping bill and I may get customs charges.

The company I am buying from is OYA CARBONCO., LIMITED and this PO:

Rectangle Font Parallel Brand Electric blue
Rectangle Font Parallel Brand Electric blue

Here is the link to the OEM one I saw: Audi R8 Engine cover. 4.2 LITER AUTO TRANS. 5.2 - 420103926J | Audi Columbus, Columbus OH

So, its Feb 16th and we will see when it arrives.
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I’m actually pretty interested in how this CF adventure unfolds. Not so much the rest of this potential dumpster fire. :cool:
All you guys enjoy the back and forth. Why would you read this crap otherwise? And I've just had the most amazing 4 days if driving. Tail of the dragon, route 80 to the blue ride, up to mount mitchell, 226a, shooting range, golf and a game at Duke today. I mean, come on, what could be better?
True that. Like a good friend said about our dogs - the entertainment factor is worth the price of feed!

Your route almost looks like you are trying to connect the dots. Have a good trip, and be safe.

With that thought, you might want to check out the book, "Left of Bang". Written for the Marine Corp. All about situational awareness. Good stuff.
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It's a different way of looking at the world, and it can save your bacon. Keep up the good work.

Love sailing too. Think we've touched upon this before. Love how alive it is.
I love books like that, I just bought that one :cool:...

Have you ever read "On Combat"? by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman? It was recommended to me by Ron Donvito (Marine Corps. combatives instructor/program founder of L.I.N.E.) Excellent book and if you've been in combat situations (whether in the military/law enforcement or just in real street fights with people trying to kill you) you'll immediately resonate with what he's saying.
I think you'll find it a good read. I haven't read "On Combat", but I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. "Left of Bang" was recommended by my carry instructor. I haven't been in combat, but I've been on the wrong end of a barrel, so this is very real to me.
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Agree that looks normal. Remember, it's just fancy fiberglass - just uses carbon fiber cloth and resin.
Agree, it does look good. Really does add a nice pop.
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