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Need a part.

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Hey guys, I was side swiped by a pick-up truck last night. It was clear that he thought he would 'show me' when I was in the left lane going straight and his right line was ending and instead of simply going behind me, he sped up in his effort to try and cut me off and come in the front. I slammed my brakes when I realized what he was doing and that he wasn't going to make it but unfortunately it wasn't enough to avoid contact.

At first he acknowledge right away and wanted to settle out of insurance and as discussions furthered he started claiming that I was speeding and he gave his signals to be allowed-in so he the 'right of way'. I indicated that even if I was speeding, which wasn't true, I would still have the right of way considering I am going straight and he needs to merge in my lane and the fact that he gave a signal doesn't mean ****.

Anyway I need to get a new right side mirror and thankfully damage wasn't too bad. The wrap and Stealth PPF on top protected the paint but the wrap on the door and possible fender and hood will need to be replaced. I am looking around options for the mirror mine is a carbon fibre kind (not sure if came from factory or aftermarket) but my local shop said it's a 3-4 week wait for the part from German and it'll be shy of $5K installed.

My question is are there any sources of parts elsewhere that I can look at? Part of me was also thinking perhaps replacing both with an aftermarket carbon fibre set may be more economical even. Just looking for some insight.

Thanks everyone.
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Hey, I believe I did PM you last night before making this thread with my VIN. Please take a look.
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