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New to the R8 world, should I get a warranty?

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First off, I am a car guy and have owned multiple Audis over the years. The last couple Audi's I had were still under certified warranties and I sold them before they expired.

I just bought a 2017 R8 with 24k miles, and I am trying to weigh whether or not to get a warranty from Fidelity. I currently have one quote for around $5k for 3/yr 36k miles (all from date and mileage of WARRANTY purchase, not car mileage)

Are there any common failure points on these cars? I know mag ride was an issue in the Gen 1, but to be honest if they failed I would probably just go coilovers. Also, the car already has a tune and exhaust (OEM headers), I know that can be an issue for the manufacturer warranty but not sure about Fidelity.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate the feedback. TIA
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Re: warranty - I mean it's a matter of personal peace of mind. If your pockets are deep AF and you have no issues dropping 5-10-15k if something was to go wrong then I would say it's not worth it. But if you'd rather not, then spending the money now is worth the peace of mind.

I got it on my car for 2 years (I wouldn't be keeping it longer than that) but could have just as easily passed due to my shorter periods of ownership but I typically get warranty on all my vehicles. So think about how long you plan to keep the car for, if a while then worth having it.

With warranty, I always think it's one of those, have it and not need it being better than needing it and not having it scenarios.
Yea that is what I am thinking as well. I mean I can drop $10k for a repair if I NEED to, but nobody ever WANTS to lol.

I guess I'm more trying to fish out the common issues that may arise with ownership. If this were a first gen I wouldn't even ask and would jump right on a warranty for mag ride / AC alone. I plan on driving this pretty hard, I am not that far from VIR so I plan on tracking it as well. I'm browsing around for a nice set of OEM wheels for a dual street/track setup as well.
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I appreciate all the feedback. I have a quote for 36/36k with $100 deductible for $3100, up to 84/85k for $6k and everything in between through Assurant, Fidelity is roughly $2k more on every level.
Has anyone worked with an Assurant warranty?
My car is tuned, I’m guessing any issues with the engine will end up being denied due to that fact. I don’t expect any issues with the transmission, since that doesn’t seem to be a weak point. The mag ride was fixed for the 2nd gen, and if they failed I would most likely go aftermarket anyways. I could see a warranty being useful for electronic failures but the chance of me having an electronic issue costing more than $5k is virtually nonexistent.
This is a catch 22 when it comes to warranties. I have the income to support a costly repair, which means I also have the income for a warranty. The difference is if I don’t buy a warranty I will still have my money.
I’m gonna go with no warranty at this time. Thanks for all the input.
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