I have my original white diamond stitch leather seats for sale that came out of my 2014 R8 V10 Plus. These seats match the OEM diamond stitched door cards and headliner of the facelifted '14-'15 cars. They also really dress up the earlier cars that have just the standard non-stitched leather seats. They should fit all years R8 up through 2015. I recently switched to the European wingback seats from R8Stuff and no longer need these.

The car has 22k miles. I would bet the passenger seat has been sat in maybe a total of 20 times. Attached are pictures of both seats to show the overall condition and wear. They are in excellent shape cosmetically and are fully functional. NO stains or damage and stitching is not worn at all. Non-smoker, leather regularly cleaned/conditioned, and I always take care to enter the seat "over" the side bolster cushions rather than slide along them causing leather wear, creasing, damage. All electric features work (seat position, side bolsters, side curtain airbags, passenger occ, heat) with no error codes on the dash. The harnesses are fully intact with the OEM connectors present.

Shipping will be expensive (guessing maybe $300 or more depending on location) as they weight about 65lbs/seat and are large. I'm willing to ship but at buyers expense. Also, local pickup is fine or I'm willing to drive within an hour of Indy if you are in the midwest. Asking $3,100 OBO.

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