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Hi guys,

We often get asked for small maintenance, service and repair items. Our business model is not really set up for this - handling small items is fiddly and time consuming.
Also some repair options for more expensive items

We thought it might be useful to set up a money saving tips thread - where owners can be pointed to where they can buy common items and not pay the dealer price.
The more you save on the boring stuff - the more you can spend on the fun stuff with us!

We are only posting where the identical parts to OEM can be bought for less by not buying from Audi.
We are not suggesting any OEM replacements or alternatives

We will slowly add to this.

1. Gen 1 A/C compressor
Dealer price is $1,569.23
You can buy the identical compressor from Denso for less than $450
Denso ref 471-1505

2. Gen 1 V8 and V10 Ignition Coils (pre-facelift excluding GT)
Dealer is $63.33 each
Buy the same part from Bosch ref 0221604800
Will cost you around $30 each

3. MAF sensors
Dealer is $330 each
Buy the same part from Hitachi ref MAF0057
Will cost you around $120 each

4. Gen 1 V8 xenon headlight bulb
Stealership wants $193 for this
You can buy from Phlips ref 85415C1
Less than $50

5. Faulty ECUs
Stealership wants around $4,000 plus an install fee
Use a repair service - probably less than $1,500 for the two with a lifetime guarantee
Repair services can send you them back and you just plug them back in - no dealership involved

6. Faulty R-Tronic hydraulics
A new unit will cost you around $4,000
A professional overhaul around $2,000 - and they will use upgraded components which will give better long term reliability and improved shifting

7. Scruffy looking black exhaust tips
Go to your local wheel repair shop and get them powder coated for less than $100

8. Mag ride delete modules
Cost from KW is $450
Make your own set of 4 for less than $80
Will post components soon

For a plug in mag ride delete solution

Buy 4 of these plug in tails

And 4 of these resistors

Solder one resistor onto each set of tails.

The secure them using some tie-wraps to strap them onto the car
This pack will last you a lifetime for all sorts of uses

9. V8 Fuel Injectors - pre-facelift
Stealership $246.67 each
Buy from Hitachi ref FIJ0008 for around $90 each

10. Gen 1 Wiper Blades - LHD (not for UK, Australia, NZ etc)
Stealership $121.67
Buy from Bosch for around $50 - ref 3397014119

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For R-tronic faults related to low hydraulic pressure, the motor on the hydraulic pump is the most likely cause (second is the accumulator.) Audi doesn’t sell just the motor, but you can purchase Juri's upgraded motor on eBay. It is more powerful and presumably durable than the OEM motor, and it is the motor used by the rebuilders. Here's a motor install video on a Ferrari (which has an almost identical Graziano transmission to the R8 R-tronic.)

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Great thread!

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Huge thanks for this post, really helpful and informative.

R8's are (Relatively) affordable to purchase and if your a car enthusiast as most of us are, it's probably been a dream car for many of us and we've sacrificed other things in order to afford one, however the costs to maintaining a car such as the R8 can crippling if a few major items fail over a short period of time and the prices of service items such as a Clutch Replacement, AC Compressor Unit, Gearbox Issues and suspension (Mag Ride) and in my case recently having to replace a Full LED headlight unit at £2,800 is beyond many peoples budget. I maintain my R8 V10 myself and do a lot of preventative maintenance, identifying items that are looking tired and grabbing parts that come up on websites like ebay, but the information posted by Osman is great. Many Thanks

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Good stuff. Thanks for posting Osman. Btw the part number for spark plugs seem to be pointing to ign coils not spark plugs?
Hopefully Osman can confirm spark plugs in addition to ignition coils. I have seen conflicting information on whether the OE supplier is NGK or Bosch for the spark plugs, but I believe it is NGK. If so, here are the part numbers (if it's wrong, I'll edit/delete):

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Can we get some clarification on injectors? I would benefit greatly from that considering I just spend 2800$ on a set.
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