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Please consider the following rules prior to posting your classified advertisements:
1) The Classified categories are for the non-commercial use of individual R8Talk Members. You may list your personally-owned individual surplus autos or parts. No commercial sales or sellers, bulk sales, straw-men for commercial sellers, or other auto industry vendors are permitted in the Classifieds.
2) Commercial sellers must be R8Talk Supporting Vendors. Supporting Vendors may only post their advertisements in the individual Supporting Vendor forums or in the Vendor Classifieds & Specials forum. They may not post their ads in the other Classified categories or in the Discussion forums. Vendors are encouraged to respond to member posts in the discussion forums with specific information which is in direct response to member questions. (Note: This clarification has been added at the direction of the owners of R8Talk forums.)
3) You must include your geographic location.
4) You must include your asking price when selling.
5) Ads posted without the correct information or violating R8Talk commercial use policy may be edited or deleted by the owners / moderators of R8Talk.
6) Please be polite when responding to advertisements. Requests for information and factual clarifications are appropriate; gratuitous criticisms of the seller's items and pricing, or other thread hijacks which may adversely affect the ability to sell, are not welcome and may be edited or deleted. Please consider how you would feel if the comment you are about to post was placed by someone else in your own advertisement!
7) When your item sells, is off-market, or you are no longer searching for a car or part, PLEASE post an announcement in your thread as a courtesy to our readers.

Posting classified advertisements is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time.
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