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Fellow R8 owners. The attached link shows why the CoverSeal car cover is the best protection for your prized possession. We believe in protecting the things we care about. This was created to that end. It takes the standard protection that other covers provide with great fabric to limit Heat, Sun, Rain and Dust damage, and add the capacity to not blow off in high winds and seal to the ground with a patented weighted sealing ring. We just had a storm blow through the bay area with 30mph winds and gusts up to 50mph. Garbage cans, branches and debri all over. Our covers stayed on and protected what was underneath. Since the seal is weighted it also keeps the rodents out from riding out the storm, snacking or nesting in your vehicle. There are no straps to attach. You just pull it over your car like a normal cover.

Keep what you have nice for many years to come.



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