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Hi Guys,

Have an issue with my 2008 R8. Came up last night when driving Gear Box Malfunction for the R tronic so I pulled over as this has happened once or twice before and usually I can just turn the car off and back on an its fine. However this time I tried to start the car and it will not start at all!

R Tronic shows its in Neutral, but when tow truck arrived it was actually in gear...not neutral, even thought it showed N on the display!

So cut the 4 hour story short, the only way to get the car on the tow truck was using dollies on the rear wheels.

Apparently there is no way from what I have seen to unlock the gear back into neutral without taking it to a service centre.

Has anyone else had an experience like this, and would know the cause?
The cars done around 60k not a lot of driving.

Only just had the gearbox checked and software updated!

Not overly impressed that the car pretty much turns into a giant paper weight.... Lucky It was late and the roads were quite and I could pull over.

Any advice would be appreciated as I have never really come across this before in any other car I have had, Mercs, and BMW etc.

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