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2017 V10 Plus. Mythos Black Metallic>X-Pel Black Stealth full body PP+9H Ceramic
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Weight savings are great with titanium but i dislike the high pitched sound it produces compared to stainless steel.

I think that sounds better than quicksilver
I totally agree. That's what an R8 should sound like!! Our V10 engines are high-pitched naturally. Titanium plus the curvature of the pipes enhances that sound. I had a FI exhaust on my car before the Akrapovic and loved the sound but was just too much drone in the cabin. However everyone in my car club who heard both exhausts said they like the FI better than the Akra. But I rather have a less noisy exhaust when driving around town just because of the interior cabin drone. With the Akra I have 0% drone. its quieter with valves open under 4k rpm. And gets louder above that. The FI exhaust was loud at all rpm ranges lol. It was even rattling my ppf off the rear bumper.

That's what ppl don't realize with these loud exhausts. Ppf on the rear bumpers will vibrate because of the exhaust and will slightly lift it off at some spots. No matter what type you use or who installs it. I have the best xpel ppf installed by the best in NYS and still they had to re-wrap my bumper twice. Now with the Akra that doesn't happen anymore.

Also, If I were you I wouldn't purchase a "non-valved" exhaust. Sometimes you want the valves closed. Especially if the exhaust is naturally loud.
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