Hello Guys,

as shown in my R8 picture thread I did replace the fabric on my battery cover with a real carbon fibre insert. As they are CNC machined and I got some people interested I got a very few more made. So it fits the battery cover of the Gen1 R8, should fit all models with that cover. The material is 0.6mm thick (~24/1000's inch), its the same 2/2 twill structure as the OEM carbon parts. Taking the effort to find that paid off, it looks OEM and matches the other exterior/interior parts. Glossy 3D finish.

The insert is CNC machined and tolerances are tight, so a little rework in some of the corners may be necessary as I unfortunately found of the OEM cover can vary slightly in tolerances.

Assembly: Remove the oem fabric, its just glued on and relatively easy to peel off. With a tool remove the bigger glue residue, then I recommend brake disk cleaner to degrease the surface. I used Polyurethane glue (=Sikaflex) to glue in the insert.

Price of $59 (USD) is plus shipping, worldwide shipping possible to most countries for 22€ (Euro) or $22.50 (USD)
(Location Munich/Germany)