Hi all,

Anyone interested in brand new first gen OEM Standard fixed rate dampers? Still in OEM packaging never opened. If you don't have MagRide then these are for you, or if you hate MagRide like me and it pains you $$$$ to replace them/or you're currently looking to replace them, then these may be a great option for you. Inevitably MagRide of course leaks.

OEM Standard fixed rate dampers (PR Code 1BA)
Pics below. Price is $2500 plus shipping. That's a steal (OEM is about $4300). I also have the KW EDC MagRide delete modules if you need them. $100 more (OEM price is $400).

I ordered the 1BA option that came from the factory on non V10 plus models (part numbers will end in AC). If you didn't know, Bilstein manufactured all of these for Audi. It's known for the softest possible ride in the R8 while still of course being plenty sporty for the daily driver.

There was also 1BE which was the sports suspension for non V10 plus models (part numbers will end in AD). Or 1BU which was for V10 plus (part numbers will end in AM for front and AP for rear). All still made by Bilstein. Delphi in France originally made the MagRides before being sold out to BWI in China. When the specs changed and it got even crappier (thinner shock bodies, poor quality control, etc.).

Any questions just ask. I wrecked my first gen before I even opened these boxes to replace the MagRides.