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Re-posting this here as it seems a more appropriate section of the forum. Created a more detailed write up on doing this because I wasnt quite sure what I was getting into, but really liked the look of the new 'R8' grill badge vs the 'quattro' badge.

Ordered the 2019 version from my dealer a month or two prior. I am only moderately handy but extremely passionate about cars! Loving my R8 and after a long winter of hibernation it has been great to finally get it out again.

Started by masking around the grill to protect in the event of a slip. Then used an xacto blade to slip between the mount and the quattro badge and just started carefully applying downward pressure in a sawing type motion to seperate the two. Worked very well and I eventually could just pull the badge itself off.


Cleaned the remaining tape / factory goop:


Then, because the factory mount is much wider than required for the new badge, I aligned the R8 badge up to the existing plate to judge how much would need to be removed. I slipped some tin snips behind the mount and it cut very easily to a more reasonable size. Removed the tape and was left with this:


Added some heavy duty two sided mounting tape:


The 2019 badge comes with plastic mounting tabs that stick out off the back. It didnt appear to me that they would fit in my grill even if I had chosen to attempt complete removal of the existing mount, so I removed them and filed them down flat. After tapping the front and sides of the badge for protection, I was able to break off a couple pieces initially by hand.


I then chose to hold the badge on end by hand and use a hack saw for bulk removal. This worked amazingly well:


Lastly I filed down any remaining bumps as best I could and the new badge was ready for installation:


I mock placed the new badge for fitment and to ensure no part of the existing mounting bracket would show behind the badge, then peeled off the remaining side of two sided tape and applied pressure for a good minute to ensure adhesion. This is the end result:


I was very pleased with how smoothly everything went and am really happy with the end result. I personally feel like it is a much better look than the quattro badge and on my car I am going with a black, matte black, carbon, splashes of red kind of look as is. So adding a touch of red to the front of the car is very welcome for me.

Highly recommend this little mod to anyone slightly handy. Total time was about one hour, but I opened a beer, put on some music and wasnt rushed at all. Was nervous about damaging something or making things worse, but in hindsight that was mostly unwarranted. Honestly someone skilled could probably bang this out in 15-20 mins. Hope this is helpful for someone and happy motoring!
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