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We are happy to participate on the R8 forum and we thank-you for the "welcome". One of our newest products for R8 cars is the RS style grills for both the main grill plus matching corner grills.These grills were developed by LLTEK for R8 owners and are manufactured in North America and not abroad. In fact they are manufactured just for LLTEK so quality and production is under our control. There are grills for the "before" and "after" face lift R8 cars. Grills come with piano gloss black frames or for a little more you can have the frames in genuine hand laid carbon fiber. And good news as the cost for the grills have come down considerably as the mold costs have amortized. And to help reduce costs even further we have a package price when you purchase the main grill and coordinating corner grills.

R8 owners have always had a love affair with the design of the R8 car but overwhelmingly disliked the main grill with its heavy center panel to hold a licence plate when in many cases no plate was required. Many R8 owners looked at Audi grills on the RS7, RS6, RS5 and RS4 cars and asked where is a honeycomb grill for my R8 car? Well, now such a grill exists; and what a difference the LLTEK RS grill makes!

R8 owners often spend a lot of hard earned dollars on their cars to make the cars look extra special. Now with just a nominal cost the ultimate and easy to install upgrade is now ready to move the car to the next level. Once installed, we can assure every R8 owner that each time he/she heads out to start their motor;a bigger grin will appear on their face. This is because each owner knows how special looking the car becomes once this RS grill is installed.

For more information visit our R8 grill page at Call our toll fee number 888-465-5835 anytime so that we can answer your questions and start the procedure. Ship time as are between 4-10 days on average so never wait for the last moment. We look forward to talking to you. You can also email us at [email protected].
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