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For sale:

New set of wheels.
Production in Europe.
Forged aluminium
T6061- same as BC forged and other best quality wheels.

Front: 20" 8.5J ET: 42 weight: 9.8 kg
Rear: 20" 11J ET: 47 weight 12.7 kg

Can fit to GEN.1 and also GEN.2 you need to choice what car exactly and we prepare CB for your car.
We can also organize other size etc but that wheels are same as OEM and it's highly recommended.

Price: 3550 EUR with VAT23%.
If you have registered company in EU with active VAT number then we can do 0% VAT then price is 2900 EUR for set.

We are able to organize other design wheels 1-2-3-4 pieces from 18 to 24".
If you need any model please contact with me- I am sure that we organize it in best possible price.
All models available that you can find in web.

Complete set include 4 wheels and decals.


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