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Supercar Drifting - Audi R8 & Camaro SS - Pure V8 Sound


I just finished editing our latest youtube movie, "Supercars Drifting" starring my Gen1 Audi R8 and my brothers Chevy Camaro SS.
RWD conversion works great, who said stock R8 V8 can't drift? ;)

I have always thought internet lacks Audi R8 drifting videos, very few exists. So here is my contribute!
We just rented a racetrack last saturday for two hours and had fun drifting, no mercy for tires, burned couple sets of backtires :LOL:

Check it out and enjoy the V8 symphony :)

Go to Video

Ps. Please share and I would like to hear your comments also!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts