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The CoverSeal Story
Designed Out of Necessity
I love cars and consider them to be art on wheels, and I've built a nice collection.

However, I live in a rural part of San Jose, California and as much as I love living near nature, nature loves living in the protected niches of my prized cars. Over the years, I've tried remedies such as moth balls, ultrasonic noise makers, all makes of traps, and spray liquids but they were only marginally effective.

I found droppings, damage to sensitive electrical wiring harnesses, nests of rodents in the air vents and under the hood. The repairs cost thousands of dollars.

I decided to design a car cover that would seal to the ground to keep my car safe from critters. I also wanted to avoid cumbersome moisture control setups with fans and desiccants.

CoverSeal is just that, an innovative car cover that offers 360 degree protection: keeping rodents out, limiting moisture build-up, protecting against dirt, dust, and the elements, and preventing tires from bleaching and cracking due to sun exposure.

Its built to last and be the last cover you need to buy for the life of your car.

Enjoy the Engineering behind it. I learned more about Materials, Patents, Copyrights, Supply Chain, Prototypes, than I though I would need to, to bring this to market.

Warm regards,



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