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While the majority of our clients come to us wanting a big departure from the factory look of their cars we do have a select few who don’t want such a dramatic change. Case in point: the owners of the 812 Superfast below wanted his car to appear stock to the average car enthusiast but noticeably different to those who know supercars well. We call this look an OEM+ look and quite honestly was a fresh breath of air compared to the aggressive builds that we normally are commissioned for.

The ANRKY S1-X3 has a directional spoke design very similar to that of the factory wheels yet are more lightweight despite their larger diameters. These wheels are also available in 20” sizing so others can order the factory 20”//20” setup if they pleased. A special bezel to hold the Ferrari center cap was also included to make sure that everything stayed close to the ethos of the car. The lightweight monoblock wheels are also finished in a Gloss Gunmetal to mimic the finish of the wheels that came on the car.

The Novitec sport springs are adjustable so rather than lowering the car as much as possible we dropped the body by about half an inch front & rear. It’s a subtle drop that goes a long way towards making the car look even better. Last but not least we upgraded the exhaust with an IPE X-pipe. Typically you’ll go with the full IPE exhaust however the client wanted only a slight bump in sound and got just that while also shedding some weight with the lightweight stainless steel material.

All-in-all we think this is one of the better looking 812’s that we’ve done to date. Let us know if you agree.

Customer Ferrari Gallery: Ferrari, Custom Vehicle, Gallery images | Wheels Boutique

Wheel Specs:
Finish: Gloss Charcoal
Size: 21"x10" || 22"x12.5"
Tires: Pirelli P Zero
Tire Size: 275/30/21 || 335/25/22
Novitec Sport Springs
IPE Stainless Steel X-Pipe
Refinished Exhaust Tips to Satin Black

Also Available: 20” Sizing || 3-Piece Configuration (S3-X3) || Satin, Stone, Brushed, & Polished Finishes

Visit & contact us for details, availability, and pricing on ANRKY Wheels, Pirelli Tires, IPE Exhaust, & Novitec Products.

For more photos of this vehicle visit: Ferrari 812 Superfast on ANRKY S1-X3
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