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A couple of posts on here back in 2009-2011/12ish so has been a while since last talked about/updated.

We’re now in 2020... so wondering if there are any updates in 2020 on the following for 2007-2008 V8 MT R8 models in the U.K:

LED license plate bulbs - anyone in England know ones that work and don’t melt the housing unit/throw a code on dashboard.

LED boot/trunk. Same here anyone know of any updates for this to work.

FOOTWELL lighting... anyone know of any updates to keeping these on at night when driving? Atm they only turn on when you unlock the car and turn off when you start the engine.

one final thing... i’ve read on here that there is a clicking noise or sounding like something is winding up (like jack in a box toy) when turning full lock to the right (or left) ... we all think its to do with the CV joint/axle which may be the case... but in my situation, my mechanic tightened my wheel nuts/bolts and the noise disappeared... he said if it comes back they may need to grease something in there as the CV joint/axel is fine. This was solved by others aswell tightening/adjusting the wheels. Just a tip if all else do not work.
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