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Hey all

So firstly - I'm not an R8 owner (but did rent V10 for a good few days while back! - the noise!)

Anyway -I'm looking to get together a mixture of different cars for 3 day run in Wales.
Unfortunately the dates have been fixed... and wondering if any R8 or RS owners be up for joining?

If you might be interested (even provisionally - drop me your details - car / name / email).
At the mo I have 8 cars provisionally and want people to ideally confirm 4 weeks before the run - some are joining on the Saturday instead of the Friday.

I'm organising all the routes/stops and will be there in my M2

Cars provisionally attending below - a couple of cars I know personally, but the other people are from a mixture of forums - all looking to go on 3 day blast across Wales (South to North):

M2 - Me
996 Turbo
Z4M Coupe
F-Type V6S
M3 e92
GR Yaris
Subaru Legacy 3.0

Lastly I'm limiting it to 18 cars total - and routes will be properly researched, and provided as Google map links as well as PDF - with estimated drive times. Any questions, just shout, happy to send more info.

I'll also be organising a 7 day run of the highlands (some point around summer) - DM if interested.
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