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Urus paddle shifters on R8?

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Hey there guys,
Came across a gen 2 with OEM lambo Urus paddles … is this something we can do?? It looks awesome IMO
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Right, so, $500 bucks cheaper than OEM and made to swap right over with no modifications required.

I have a set and other than the fact that I have $500 bucks more in my wallet, I'm not sure what Lamborghini could do to make them better - they are very nice quality. They are more functional than the OEM R8 paddles (more to grab) and they don't flex like stick on versions. Sounds like a couple of people don't like them but for me, I'm not a fan of the oversized carbon options and these fit my tastes better.
I agree...not sure what's not to like? I don't care for carbon fiber ones and I think these look OEM and slick compared to the actual OEM ones. I'm a fan!
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The only confusing part is which part is it?
It says Style A is for 2015-2020 R8. Which obviously doesnt make sense as 2015 is still the gen1 R8. and Why is 2021+ different when 2020 and 2021 R8s are identical?

That doesn't make me confident to buy...
It has to do with the inner set up of the paddle itself. If you email them they will guide you through the right version to order (they did for me). I should be putting mine on over the next couple of weeks and can report back too. If they work (they should) I can send you the information on what I ordered; my order was per their instructions.
No I understand that part, what I'm saying is confusing is their description for what model year it fits. There is no way a 2015 R8 (Gen1) and a 2018 R8 (Gen2) would be the same paddles. And I can say with 100% certainty that there is no way 2020 R8 have different paddles from 2021 R8s. THAT is where my confusion lies..
I had a set modified to fit on my TTrs wheel. To the detractors, they look and feel wayyyyyy better than oem. They do not take away from the style of the interior whatsoever.
It’s been over a year now with no issues aside from the initial fitting.

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Which ones are these?
Replacement or clip ons?
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