Hi there, everybody. Recently purchased some parts from DTM Guy. We discussed how my son’s generation (teenager) needs to learn the value of hard work. DTM had a bunch of extra parts from his 2015 V8 R8 that he sold to my son for a great deal as a way to teach him that a little bit of work is needed to make make money.

So, for the last few weeks, my son has been doing research on pricing of all of the below parts, taking pictures of the parts, and putting in some work. Below are the parts and the price that he landed on.

OEM Black Optics rear diffuser: $450 (great condition)

OEM Black Optics front splitter: $350 (a few rock chips on top, some scuffing on underside)

OEM Black license plate holder: $300 (DTM paid $450 for this and never installed it—I have the receipt—it has a one inch crack by a screw as It seems one of the screws was over tightened—will be hidden behind the license plate)

OEM silver side blades: $500 (a few scratches and a chip on an edge—perfect for carbon fiber wrapping)

OEM exhaust: $250 (great condition)

Located in Monterey Park, CA (10 miles east of Los Angeles). Will not ship for now.