Got a killer deal on an Armytrix Ti so removed this and have no need for it. It really did sound good, but wasn’t the tone I was after. Milltek is more of a V8 growl and less of the higher pitch tone if that’s your preference.

I daily drive my car and it was never obnoxious but still had plenty of bark under load to put a smile on my face and everyone I took for rides loved it. Just wasn’t my preference.

Thankfully these are fully hidden behind the bumper because aesthetically they do not win awards and seems like every one I’ve seen doesn’t handle the extreme heat well. Functionally it’s in great shape, no leaks or cracks. Was on the car for about 7k miles which I put most of them on, previous owner never drove the car.

I have a box I can ship it in if needed, but will need to get a quote.
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