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Vac Pump is done (went)

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Is replacing the vacuum pump difficult? Not sure if I should just pay the dealership to do it or if it's a straightforward DIY job. I already have the front tub out so not really a big deal accessing it.

I know this pump is related to brakes operation in some way so not sure if it's something I want to mess with if I've never done it before.
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I haven't replaced one, but it seems pretty accessable once the tub is out. I would give it a try first before getting the dealer involved. (I'm assuming you've verified that it's the pump and that there are no leaks in the system, so no more diagnostics to do.)
The dealer identified it, but not sure about leaks. Might just end up supplying the part and having them do the labor.
It is quite easy, it took me like 30 mins altogether. With tub out, 10 mins.
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Looks easy enough, where do you get that service manual?
Looks easy enough, where do you get that service manual?
That is Elsawin
You can subscribe online or find a pirate edition someone might have put in the public domain
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