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Last week, we showed you a great shot of the undisguised Audi R8 supercar parked on the street in Santa Monica. Today we bring you video by Brenda Priddy & Co. courtesy of of the R8 in all its glory. Priddy and her cohorts followed the car everywhere, capturing shots of it in just about every possible state of operation.

The R8 is fully disguised for a brief time at the beginning of the video, but it sheds the veil of secrecy pretty quickly and Priddy treats us to an eyeful. In addition to the mundane -- refuelings, parked shots, etc. -- we see the engineers turn the car loose (it sounds great) as they make hasty departures with the hammer down and scoot along mostly deserted highways with the spy photogs giving chase. Props to the R8's handlers, who make cursory attempts to block the camera's view with their bodies (when the car's parked) and a pair of SUVs (when they get ready to roll), but for the most part accept the fact that Priddy's going to get her shots and mug playfully for the camera.

Thanks for the tip, Omar!


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