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Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor - CoverSeal!

You can find out more about their innovative car cover here:

Did we mention that owner, Kenneth's personal car is a Gated V10 with a Stasis supercharger on it!? :eek:

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Just one more thing: What makes a perfect Car Cover. Having spent the time to engineer the ones we are offering there are a number of factors.
1. It protects your car. The whole car. Most covers cover just the outside but many dont cover the whole tire. If you keep a car outside your tires will bleach and crack.
2. Its watherproof but breathable.
3. It reflects 95% of the sunlight.
4. Its durable. Our thread count is 210T it will last years. The upgrade coming soon is 300T and its like kevlar.
5. It can be easily repaired. We have a patch kit in case pulling it off causes a puncture.
6. You cant tell what the car is under it. Nice for making your car less a target.
7. Water wont pool on it causing oxidation or mosquito ponds.
8. It can be easily cleaned.

When your done spending bucks on the cheaper covers find us at GetCoverSeal.

Thanks for reading and enjoying your cars.

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